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English Language Program
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iBT TOEFL Preparation (12 hours per week)

IIC offers an intensive iBT TOEFL Preparation Program, which is designed to help students acquire the skills and confidence necessary to achieve
a high iBT TOEFL score.

IIC students study all four skill areas of the new iBT TOEFL; Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening. These skills are designed and instructed
to help students acquire a high score within a short period of time.

IIC instructors give special emphasis on iBT TOEFL test-taking strategies for the new iBT TOEFL test.

TOEIC Preparation (18 hours per week)

IIC’s TOEIC Program is well suited for individuals who need to improve their TOEIC score. The Test of English for International Communication
(TOEIC) measures the ability to understand a business-related conversation in standard English as well as the ability to read English workplace
manuals, correspondence, technical books and articles.

Instruction will emphasize TOEIC test-taking strategies, vocabulary building, understanding business letters and memos, current business events
and advanced grammatical structure.

Private Classes -$50 per hour

A private teacher and the student develop an educational plan that addresses the student's specific needs.

Workshops - Free!

The main focus of our Workshops is on the students' ability to express themselves in a variety of situations and on a variety of relevant subjects.
Workshops are thematic and communication-based. Students work on pronunciation, vocabulary and idioms to further develop their
conversational skills, while learning more about American culture, California culture, San Francisco culture, and much more.

Movie Classes - Free!

Every Friday, from 11:00AM-1:00 PM. Students can enjoy a movie with free popcorn, and discuss the movie with an instructor.

Ping Pong Competition - Free!

Wednesday 1:30 PM. Prizes are available.

Book Club - Free!

Every Friday from 10AM-11AM. Students are welcome and encouraged to join our book club. The book club reads a new book every month.  The
book club reads a new book every month. Additionally at the end of every book we watch a movie made based on the book.

IELTS (Academic) Preparation Course
International English Language Testing System

Improve your speaking skills and pass IELTS!!

Develop your English skills through authentic IELTS materials!!

Master language and exam skills using practice tests with teacher feedback!!


IIC offers an 8-week (20 hours per week) IELTS Prep Course to help students pass the IELTS exam.


The program is for those who require an IELTS score for the application for work and residency, specifically for foreign nurses who need to pass
the (academic) IELTS exam to attain a work permit in the USA.


IIC has created a specially designed (academic) IELTS curriculum for foreign nurses. The program focuses on the four tested skills of Listening,
Reading, Writing and with an emphasis on Speaking. In-depth study of the micro-skills required for the IELTS test is based around specific IELTS
test requirements. Tasks are chosen based on commonly occurring current topics in IELTS exams.


Students are continually assessed throughout the program using Checklists and progress reports that show students’ strengths and weaknesses
before taking the IELTS exam.


The program is organized around topics aimed to practice all four tested skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing), and extend students’
knowledge of the IELTS exam. The main emphasis is on improving students’ IELTS scores through practice and task-specific skills.
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