Student Testimonial: Serhan
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Photo taken by Serhan Unyeli, 2017.

If you come from a foreign country, and English is not your first language, you understand
more the importance of English. The more countries open to the world and develop
relationships with each other, the more you recognize the significance of this international
language. Since I have majored international trading, I have confronted with this insufficiency
many times, and I knew that I would come across with this problem again in my near future in
regards to job interviews, graduate program applications, foreign customer relations… etc., and
eventually I have decided to come to the U.S. in order to close this gap.

The New York City was my first abroad experience, and I have lived there for two and a half
years. During these 2.5 years, I attended English programs, had American friends, and had a
great chance to observe American culture. Further, I even started using English idioms in my
daily life. Once I reached a certain level of English, I decided to move to San Francisco, where
Silicon Valley is located and the heart of tech. Companies are. However, I was having problem
to find an affordable and good school for TOEFL preparation. After some online research and
phone conversations with ESL schools, finally I settled with IIC ESL, which had adept staff and
convenient location. Moreover, they offered reasonable tuition prices. Anyways, I have been
studying in this Intercultural Institute of California for 6 months and achieved to get 90 from
TOEFL IBT exam which is an adequate score to get into a graduate program. Thanks to my
teachers that they helped me a lot during my preparation and provided me materials to
comprehend the general concept of this exam. Right now, I’m admitted by two universities in
bay area and my applications are in progress.

In short, I considerably improved my English skills, and I’m ready for my professional life. I
have learned a lot from IIC instructors and still following the path that they draw for me. I highly
recommend IIC to who is looking for an effective institution, and I believe, you will gain the same
priceless value from this peerless team as I did.